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Digital Literacy and Creativity

Digital technologies provide a wide range of tools which research shows can enhance and support teaching and learning. However, this knowledge is not uniformly available across disciplines. This project aims to provide materials which are cross-disciplinary in application and which, through collaborative pedagogy and innovative assessment processes, supported by Web 2.0 online community working, induct staff into the power of collaboration and the re-purposing of OERs.

The project is funded by the United Kingdom (UK) Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC), UK Higher Education Academy (HEA), University of Bedfordshire, IT in Teacher Education Association (ITTE) and Core Education under the Open Educational Resources (OER) Phase Three Programme: Embedding and Sustaining Change: OMAC. The role of Core Education is to produce an online module to support the use of OER materials that will focus of on the ways ICTs/digital technologies can support, teaching, learning and administration.The OERs that are created, collated and re-purposed will be made available through a creative commons licence. The OERs (unit resources) can be used individually as well as accredited by universities in order to gain 30 M level credits and can form an online module ‘Digital Literacy and Creativity'. Assessment processes will induct participants into the re-use and publication of OERs for colleagues nationwide providing a self-renewing resource.

A key goal of the project is to raise the level of digital literacy in the Higher Education sector and through this to raise the status and quality of teaching with university lecturers being as digitally competent as the students they teach. This project extends the use of the OERs beyond traditional HE practice as the module will also be used by ITTE HEI ITE (initial teacher education) tutors with HEI students on, education studies and teacher training education programmes. Information about the OERs and module will be disseminated by ITTE members to other tutors in ITE and to other university staff (including programme leaders of PG Cert HE Teaching and Learning) via professional networks and conferences across the HE sector.

For more information or to get involved, please visit the Digital Literacy and Creativity online community, (if you are not already a member of the Education Communities, then you can register for free here:

For more information, please take a look at the HEA Website HERE