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A virtual school with a research based learning approach linking schools across Europe and beyond. Collaborative learning for staff and students. Creating knowledge and developing lifelong learning skills. This project is attracting attention from around the world.

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Malcolm has been involved with international internet projects for over fifteen years and was invited to chair the founding meetings of ELvis, advise on a range of issues and continue to act as a critical friend.

We believe the ELvis project is unique but would be delighted to hear of others which have the same key principles. These can be seen on the ELvis website. Sarah Jones is researching the impact of the technologies on learning for her PhD.

Students will be supported and encouraged to use sound research techniques and present their findings at conferences and seminars. One common project for all the schools involved involves a solar panel and links them to a specialist alternative energy engineer as they conduct long term research. Numerous other activities are undertaken including international work experience. All activities are an integral part of their curriculum, not additions, but with a 21st century learning approach.


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