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European Experts' Network for Education and Technology

Richard Millwood is an Advisory Member to this association which aims to connect to, consolidate, and disseminate knowledge about ICT-related transformations in European school education. The experts' network analyses and reflects upon the processes linked to the transition towards the knowledge society. It intends to link theoretical insights and research experiences with policy aims and their implementation in order to contribute to the quality of European school education.

EENet does not focus on school practice per se, e.g. content development, teacher education programmes or European school projects. The European Schoolnet (EUN) comprehensively covers this area in Europe. BUT: EENet refers to the meta-level of reflection and analysis and brings theoretical insights and implementation processes closer together.

EENet does not intend to be an exclusive academic research forum. BUT: EENet purposes to be a meeting point for different stakeholders interested in developing this holistic approach.

Within this framework the association has the following objectives with regard to ICT in European school education:

  • to identify, reflect and distil important research findings,
  • to communicate and disseminate gained knowledge by different means of communication (Internet, seminars, presentations, publications etc),
  • to network and moderate knowledge creation processes between public and private stakeholders,
  • to support monitoring, evaluation and reflection processes on different levels.