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Macmillan Cancer Support - Learner Needs Analysis

Core Education has partnered with Kris Popat to develop an interactive online Learner Needs Analysis tool for Macmillan professionals

Macmillan Cancer Support logoMacmillan promotes the professional development of its specialists and the tool will be used to identify learning priorities. Different aspects of professional competence are considered by the individual and private judgements made by moving sliders on screen to rate their competence. This visual and holistic process is further enhanced with words displayed to confirm the meaning of each judgement. The process is quicker than using paper questionnaires and more delightful to use - an important issue when attempting to make confident self-assessment.

Macmillan is an enlightened organisation which recognises the importance of professional development.

They wanted a simple and engaging way for staff to make a personal assessment of their level of competence. It’s a ‘where I’m at now’ tool to help plan future development.

The EPS 2.0 tool currently displayed on our home page has a similar approach. It's important to note that these tools are not simply questionnaires or survey tools. They are sophisticated analysis tools based on carefully researched and tested techniques. The apparent simplicity makes for a delightful experience for those using them - that takes considerable experience to achieve.