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PGCME at the Hull York Medical School

Doctors, nurses and other health professionals are trained to be, not surprisingly doctors or nurses or health professionals. But who teaches them and what qualifications do they have as teachers? The Post Graduate Certificate in Medical Education (PGCME) is an invaluable qualification in any health professional’s toolbox.

Nearly all of them, no matter how junior, are involved in some form of teaching whether formal or informal. There are a growing number of Medical Schools and Universities offering the PGCME, but the great thing about this one at the Hull York Medical School (HYMS) is that the majority of it is delivered online, therefore not interfering with clinical practice. Sarah Jones spent 3 months in the Autumn of 2009, setting up and advising the programme team on best practice for delivering online modules. The course is now up and running and the first cohort are successfully ensconced in their work. We wish them the best of luck!