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The Owers Lecture

An annual lecture based on Dr. Stan Owers' thesis 'The place and perception of Technology in the curriculum' to sustain the debate about technology in education and society.

Core Education UK has taken responsibility for continuing this lecture series first begun in Ultralab in 2004.

The invited audience includes leaders from education, government, the professions and industry.

“My thesis offers an explanation for the inadequate response by our society to the subject of technology, and it is vitally important for our society to understand the issues.”
Dr Stan Owers, 2002

This annual lecture series seeks to explore these inherent issues. They are
“about a conflict between two strands of our culture. On the one hand we are totally dependent on our tool- and technology-culture to function as individuals and as a society. But on the other hand the value judgments of the majority in our society disparages our tool- and technology-culture. In the context of this conflict, what I have to show may shock, but there should be no surprises since our society has influenced education, and education has influenced society."
Dr Stan Owers, June 2004

Inaugurated by Stan Owers himself, the first lecture set out the background to his doctoral research and addressed his concerns that a 'hidden curriculum' was detrimental to our future sustainability.

Dr Stan Owers with Dr Ian Gibson MP


The 2004 Lecture with Dr Stan Owers
The 2006 Lecture with Dr. Ian Gibson
The 2007 Lecture
with Jeff Roche & Dr Raj Rajagopal 
The 2008 Lecture
with Jamie Tuplin, Pete Williamson & Mick Waters 
The 2009 Lecture
with Kate Sim & Prof Stephen Heppell

The 2011 Lecture with Stephen Capper & Peter Mitchell