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Accolades - Yes we get them but we believe it's better to give than receive and this is where we offer praise to those who are making a delightful difference in learning, teaching and technology.

The Improvement and Development Agency has developed online community software and exploited new and emerging web technologies in order to network local government officials throughout the country. It was a bold move but one which is now proving an invaluable tool in supporting change as those, at the sharp end of implementing government policy, collaborate to share expertise.

IDeA, crucially, recognised that staff involved in implementing the system needed  ongoing professional development as they adopted to radically new ways of working.  The community system supplemented face to face meetings  but as they adapted their work practice the face to face meetings have reduced as key  information is  shared virally and  instantly across the team. Their own communities provided professional development as they tapped into their own thoughts and expertise supplemented by external expertise when necessary.

Those of us looking in on the process have witnessed important changes in work practice. The team work ethic encouraged within their own work communities support and encourage the sharing of ideas and insights  leading to a rapid implementation of improvements.

A fine example of an agency modelling the innovative behaviour it espouses.



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