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Core Education ULearn10 Conference

From Nick Billows, Director of Core Education in New Zealand "I have found a quiet 10 minutes to think about how things are going in Christchurch"
We have had several reports back from the Core Education NZ team and it seems that the conference has got off to a flying start! They have already received Press Coverage claiming that it will "pump more than $4.5 million into Christchurch's earthquake-hit economy". Nick Billows adds, "Our presence in the city will add to the sense of business as usual."

However, this hides the hard work that has gone into this years event.

 Writes Ali Hughes, Managing Director of Core Education NZ, after yet another earthquake:

“The major shake this morning scuppered our planned return to the office. For a while we had no power on in the central city, and with nerves being somewhere frayed we took the decision to relocate the CORE HQ to my house till the end of this week … A few of us hardy (foolhardy?) souls ventured to the building to collect all the gear … There is no entry to the front of the building whilst it is rechecked by building surveyors as they are worried about masonry falling from the balconies and glass breaking.  All lifts in CHCH are out of action on advice from the Fire Service, so it is a long dusty climb up to us. And each time you go up there with Nigel there is another one of those aftershocks … Glen has done an amazing job setting things up in what was once my lounge ...”

So what of this year's ULearn10?

Well it got off to a cracking start with a keynote from Lee Crockett from Canada and Steve Wheeler from the UK


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Report date: October 2010