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Derek - an international judge!

Judges have now been announced for the $200,000 Global Classroom Makeover Video Contest and our very own Derek Wenmoth (Core Education New Zealand) is on the list. Derek's broad background in ...

... education, with experience as a teacher and principal at the primary and secondary school level, and in teacher education, together with his work with the Ministry of Education in New Zealand as a senior adviser in eLearning, helping to formulate a national eLearning framework, places him in an ideal position as an international judge for the Global Classroom Makeover Video Contest.


Students have to envisaged how they would like to integrate technology into the their class to enhance the process of learning. The organisers have invited them to


"Gather your students and create your very own music video. Show how your class envisions the use of technology to enhance the learning process. Parody an existing song or create one yourself. Make it fun, creative, and focused on technology in the classroom.

Write your song, roll camera, submit your video, and enter to win an interactive classroom worth up to $75,000 USD."


All Derek has to do, along with the rest of the panel, is select the winner ... !


Report date: September 2010