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Domesday Reloaded and Re-interpreted

Richard Millwood attended the BBC Domesday Reloaded Project event to launch its multi-touch, table-top, re-interpretation of the original Domesday data with 2011 updates at the National Museum of Computing, Bletchley Park
 Domesday Reloaded and Re-interpreted

Alex Mansfield and George Auckland, masterminds of the Reloaded project inspect the multi-touch exhibit

This remarkable project spanning 25 years entered a new phase yesterday when the BBC launched their new table-top computer screen viewer of the Community disk data from 1986 together with the video material from the National disk. The software allows multiple viewers to interact with the maps, stories and photos, some updated with 2011 versions. Core Education's National Archive of Educational Computing had lent the BBC one of it's two Domesday sets of equipment to help them with the development of the Domesday Reloaded project over the last year and a half.

Richard also took part in 1984/5 in the original project, serving on the Software Advisory Committee for the project.


December 2011