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ELvis 3.0

We have just had final confirmation that all the schools in the ELvis (EuroLink - virtual international school) project have been accepted by the EU Comenius Programme to continue for a further two years. This next phase of ELvis sees and an important development in the ...
ELvis 3.0

Students and staff collaborating in Gulpen, the Netherlands

... creation of two distinct types of ELvis school. The first is being called The ELvis Academy for those students interested in international education and future international careers. The emphasis will be on developing language skills beyond what is normally done in lessons, through the participation of Action Inquiry based work.

The second is called The ELvis Production Workshop, where students taking design, will come up with ideas for the creation of products which are then researched, designed, created and marketed by both the design schools and the schools doing the production, which might be located in a completely different part of Europe.

Malcolm Moss and Sarah Jones continue to be heavily involved in this project and if you would like to know more, or would like to get involved in some way, please contact one of them at


August 2013