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ELvis History

History students in the EuroLink - virtual international school (ELvis) have been working on an exciting new project called The Last Witness. From the 9 participating schools across Europe, students have been capturing on video ...
ELvis History

Students and staff working together

... interviews with members of their local communities regarding their experiences of World War II. Senior generations from Germany, Belgium, Nertherlands, Italy, England and Norway have been voicing their different and sometimes similar memories of life during the war, around specific topics such as education, prices, clothes, food and health. Sarah Jones met with the project team of staff and students, who came together last month, to help with the final edits and create a coherent collection of stories which are being posted on a new website dedicated to the project.

The website can be found here: The Last Witness - and is being added to over the next few months.


November 2012