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ELvis in Italy!

It's true ... ELvis, otherwise known as EuroLink - virtual international school, representatives came together in Lecce last month to showcase some of the top work from students from across European Schools so far this year. Cross nation collaborative groups of students who have been working together online from ...
ELvis in Italy!

Prepared by the students of Istituto Professionale Statale Per I Servizi Alberghieri Della Ristorazione E Turistici "A. Moro"

... Germany, Belgium, the UK, Italy and the Netherlands presented the highlights of their work over three days at the beginning of April. Core Education Director, Sarah Jones, who heads up the research element of this EU Comenius project was present throughout, leading the bi annual evaluation and reflection exercises with both students and staff. As well as supporting the ELvis co-ordiantors (which includes Malcolm Moss, also of Core Education) Sarah is creating her PhD around the ELvis project - to investigate the nature and processes of learning in such an environment.

The few days included a visit to the Istituto Professionale Statale Per I Servizi Alberghieri Della Ristorazione E Turistici "A. Moro", which has been set up to educate students for professional service in the hospitality industry - whether a chef, a hotel manager or a sommelier. We saw students working in professional kitchens, working as receptionists at the school reception and as waiters serving our lunch which other students had prepared earlier in the day. The core subjects of sciences, maths and languages are integrated into the specialized curricula and where this is not possible, occur in separate lessons along with other humanities, science and arts subjects.

The ELvis trip was highly successful, with staff representatives from two new schools (Norway and the Netherlands) attending in preparation for their schools joining up. As we press on towards the summer the work continues online.

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 Report date: April 2011