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Hamish Captures Multiple Awards

Scoops 6 awards and enters finals of major National Photography Awards.

We at Core Education have had the privilege of working with many very talented colleagues. Hamish Scott-Brown is one who excelled in Tesco SchoolNet 2000, supporting schools in the millennium project and Ultraversity, the ground breaking online degree. It's no surprise to us that he is now impressing the photographic world with his highly creative skills.

His skills with Photoshop were legendary. I once sat in awe as he demonstrated the software's capabilities with calm creativity. The same calm, conscientious, creativity he applied to everything he did. 

So we are not surprised that he has become a significant figure in the photographic world.

This Press Release has more detail.

" Hamish’s 6 images across 2 categories (UK Fashion / Beauty and UK Contemporary Portraiture) are now in the finals of the forthcoming Master Photographer of the Year Awards 2011. The Awards are run by The Master Photographers Association (MPA), the UK's most respected organisation for professional photographers."

Report date: September, 2011