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iCERI 2011

Sarah Jones will be presenting at this years International Conference of Education, Research and Innovation in ...

... Madrid, Spain. iCERI will be running from the 14th - 16th November.

"ICERI2011 will be an International Forum for those who wish to present their projects and innovations, having also the opportunity to discuss the main aspects and the latest results in the field of Education and Research."


Sarah will be talking about the EuroLink - Virtual International School. The abstract for her presentation is as follows:


This paper presents and discusses the initial findings of an Action Inquiry into the new learning approaches and pedagogical principles enabling collaboration and learning in the EuroLink - Virtual International School. In 1996, a small group of schools in a variety of countries across Western Europe began to see the potential of the internet in terms of progressing educational experiences. Together they tested out the new wave of emerging technologies, from teleconferencing to collaboration on enterprise projects. In 2009 the schools came together once more, to refine their thinking and find a new purpose in their collaborative endeavours. The result was the European Union funded ‘EuroLink - Virtual International School’ otherwise known as ELvis. The ELvis partnership of 7 schools (from Italy, Germany, Netherlands, UK & Belgium) is researching new approaches to teaching, learning and assessment in the context of a Virtual International School. The aim of this paper is to share reflections from the first 2 years of the collaboration, articulating the impact and lessons learned during a preliminary investigation into the collaborative approach to education across national boundaries. The work follows a grounded theory approach (after Glaser & Strauss, 1967). The initial findings have demonstrated the need for a framework of guiding principles, around which programmes of study can be designed. This framework has now been created, shared with ELvis staff and is currently being implemented in a selection of programmes of study. Although ELvis may be considered unique in some sense, the lessons learned from this initial study will benefit others who are embarking on a similar path of international collaboration and co-operation.


Keywords: innovation, technology, online learning, international collaboration, virtual school


 Report date: October, 2011