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Invitational Membership to the Village Scribe Association!

Sarah Jones has been invited into the Village Scribe Association as a full member in recognition of her support in helping them to further their work in South Africa. The Village Scribe Association’s purpose is to…

… envisage, conceive of, use and support modern, innovative information and communication technologies to help people in the developing world to become autonomous and financially independent. It currently works on the ground in isolated rural areas in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.


Through local traditions such as imbizo (community meetings) and ubuntu (fairness to all), the Village Scribe Association enables communities to identify a leader from within their community who can act as a mediator or Village Scribe. The Village Scribe is someone who has already developed some degree of abstract thinking and is therefore able to bridge the gap between members of the community and the westernised concepts of entrepreneurialism and the internet. Through entrepreneurship, the Village Scribe enables access for their communities, to the internet and related services.


Sarah, has helped to further develop this into a model where data collection and subsequent benchmarking between communities can be made explicit. This will provide communities with evidence to systematically focus their efforts in improving life chances and ultimately raising themselves and their communities out of poverty. Please take a look at these related links for more information:


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Report date: October 2010