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Karlspreis 2011 and ELvis

Last week saw the International Charlemagne Award 2011 Ceremony in Aachen, Germany. The International Charlemagne Award was set up in 1949 to honour people who have made outstanding contributions to the unification of Europe. This year, the locally
known Karlspreis 2011 was received by Jean-Claude Trichet for his work as president of the European Central Bank and most notably, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to bring about cohesion in the monetary union.


Sarah Jones joined the festivities after a day working on another European unifying project - with the ELvis co-ordinators in Gulpen, Netherlands.

At the annual end of year meeting of co-ordinators, Sarah led a reflection / evaluation on the year and helped facilitate the planning for the year to come. ELvis has applied for a second year of funding from the EU funded Comenius Multilateral School Partnerships Lifelong Learning Programme, to continue the ground breaking work of the pan European school partnership.