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Maureen and Louise are leaving

Announcing the departure of Maureen Gurr and Louise Williams from Core Education.

We are particularly sad to be losing Maureen, who joined Core Education in 2007 as the company formed after the closure of Ultralab. Along with Richard Millwood, Sarah Jones, Malcolm Moss and others, she was instrumental in setting Core Education off on the right footing, taking on the role of company secretary.  Maureen has been a constant throughout her time with us. Her attention to detail and support of the Core Education team has been exemplary.  She has taken on many roles with us and in the last 2 years has developed our work with Apple considerably, from whom we have always received outstanding feedback due to her dedication.

In September 2009 we were joined by Maureen's daughter, Louise Williams who was appointed to support Maureen in her role working with Apple. Whilst with Core Education UK, Louise has worked tirelessly to carry out and develop our work with Apple, providing them with speakers and facilitators for events throughout Europe.

This month Louise has left, to take on the new and exciting role of running her own business. She will be joined by Maureen who will support her as Company Secretary. We thank them for all their hard work and wish them well in their new venture.


May 2012