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Stan Owers

It is with great sadness that we report the loss of our friend and colleague Dr. Stan Owers, who passed away peacefully on the 1st March 2012. He is survived by his wife, Mary and children, John, Paul and Jacquelyn.

Stan was a professional engineer and worked in the manufacturing industry, mostly in the fields of engineering research and product development. He was the manager for commercial testing at Ford when the transit van was first launched in 1965. Subsequently he worked on product development programs for various passenger cars including Capri I Capri II and Sierra.

In his time at Ultralab, he pursued the issues surrounding education and industry over 2 decades culminating in his doctoral research. Stan's thesis, “The place and perception of technology in the curriculum – doctoral research amongst 6th form students in the UK", was based on the viewpoint that the UK has consistently failed to respond appropriately to  “technology" (hence the U.K.'s economic decline) and to test the hypothesis that this  failure has contributed to the problems associated with the place and perception of technology in the National Curriculum.

In 2004, we began the annual Owers lecture at Ultralab and since 2006 Core Education has taken over the responsibility for running the annual lecture.

The Funeral was held on Tuesday, 13 March at 10:30am at Brentwood Cathedral. The family has asked that any donations should be sent to Cancer Research UK.

March 2012