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EPS2.0 Whole School Evaluation

The term 'killer application' is perhaps overused but this one deserves the accolade. Core Education NZ have worked with Australian Julia Atkin to create this powerful tool, which allows the whole school to 'hold a mirror' up to itself.  Carefully researched & developed over 8 years it is currently being employed in hundreds of New Zealand schools and attracted considerable interest in the UK in the past month. The information it generates, with minimal time input, is displayed in a straightforward and readily understood way.
Dr Julia Atkin explains how she has employed 20 years of experience in this field

What is EPS2

EPS2.0 is an online self review tool for use with whole school visioning.  Where a GPS (Global Positioning System) helps you to know where you are and where next, the EPS (Educational Positioning System) identifies all stakeholders' view of the school and suggests ways forward.

Staff, students and community complete an anonymous online survey. All data is then collated to provide a 'snapshot' of where the school is at, presented in a variety of ways that can be interrogated to let all stakeholders participate.

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