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U Learn 09

Four days of back-to-back inspiration, education, ideas, strategies and fun, equipping New Zealand educators with all they need to transform their teaching, learning, school or early childhood community.


U Learn Welcome photo by Ewan McIntosh

The conference is a key event in NZ and the emphasis is clearly on practitioner led professional development, unique in terms of structure, activities and scale. The UK would do well to emulate this approach.

Nick Billows, Core Education NZ, describes the logistics:

“There are a huge number of innovations this year to match the forward march and impact of the new learning landscape.  The event is supported through media and web2.0 and innovation at the infrastructural level.

Dave has the unenviable task of building an electronic city in a day, ensuring that its infrastructure immediately performs to 99.9%, guaranteeing that it will remain faultlessly operational over 4 days and then packing it away again over 6 hrs without the loss/displacement of any of the kit.  Supported by a heap of background geeks and goffers, this logistics exercise defies description.  His reward will come in the happy faces of 1800 laptop owners happily switching on simultaneously and getting the service they want, in 70 trade sponsors being able to faultlessly abuse the network with 60 things they never said they wanted to do,

We are using 8 venues and 49 rooms in each breakout, expecting 1800 delegates, 200 exhibitor personnel and our team. We have a students and a tech support team to support presenters in every room. “

The event is even more remarkable given the population of only 4.4 million. It is the equvalent of the UK running a participatory event for 20000 practitioners in one place at one time.


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