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Improvement & Development Agency - Communities of Practice

The IDeA have commissioned Core Education to develop their capacity to offer networked communities of practice in support of local authority improvement.

Core Education personnel have unrivaled experience in specifying and developing software and facilitating the use of online community as tool of knowledge management. We recognise the crucial nature of communication and dialogue in ensuring knowledge and information is disseminated in an efficient and effective way. Core Education involvement included the evaluation of the software, management of the system and related processes.

 "The thought leadership and practical advice that Core Education colleagues have given us to support the development of communities of practice for local government  has been invaluable. I look forward to continuing our collaborative working"   Marilyn Leask, Head of Knowledge and Learning. Improvement and Development Agency for Local Government (IDeA)


The tools used are critical to the process. Those tools are changing and expanding rapidly. Knowing which ones to exploit, and how, is key to maintaining a leading position and ensuring an organisation's clients are impressed with the service provided.

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The communities have now won several awards for excellence. See HERE for more details.