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e-learning technology, innovation and consultancy

We have been developing technologies and creating innovative learning environments for decades

We believe that it is  how the tools are constructed and used that matters. The underlying pedagogy of any e-learning approach is key. New and emerging technologies now offer opportunities for real innovation.

Much of what we are taught at school, university or in employment rapidly becomes obsolete. The demands of life and work now require an individual to take responsibility for their own learning and to be creative in the application of new knowledge. Core's philosophy and expertise is in inquiry based learning at school, university and in the workplace. Learning while remaining in work enables the company or organisation to benefit from improved performance with minimum disruption. Collaborative, social learning develops team skills and is proven to improve the quality of learning. Do it online and this approach becomes more accessible.

We believe this approach should be used for the Professional Development for school staff under pressure from cost and time constraints. Existing schemes persist in using approaches long proven to be ineffective in achieving real change. Core proposes a collaborative approach rewarded with accreditation for real achievement in learning, its application and impact - a model with proven elements to unite teachers, learners, accreditation agencies and society in a ‘connate’ solution.