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QCA - Curriculum Co-Development Communities

In a bold and ambitious move the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority engaged with innovative teachers and consultants throughout the country in a programme of curriculum development - Core Education is supporting this initiative online.

Core Education has established online communities to share data and establish dialogue around the issues. Members explore together the opportunities for sharing innovation online.

In the spirit of innovation and creativity the communities are only seen as base camps to explore the potential of Web 2 technologies to support their activities.

These may include for example:

  • Blogs - online diaries with the opportunity for critical friends to comment;
  • Public bookmarks - to allow you to point out excellent web resources to others;
  • Shared pictures - to illustrate your experiences and context;
  • Online maps - to get a sense of where geographically everyone is;
  • Collaborative documents - to  write creatively together or to collect and share spreadsheet data in your own time;
  • Internet conferencing and online whiteboards - to spark off each other's enthusiasm in live dialogue and activity.

This project began in January 1990 and collaboration is ongoing…