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Downloads and Further Research

All of Stan's research outputs and lecture notes may be dowloaded and distributed freely.
File SIS package Original Research – Thesis
Stan Owers completed his PhD in 2001 'The place and perception of Technology in the curriculum: Historical Developments up to 1997'
File Original Research – Appendices
Appendix 1 - List of schools contacted for pilot trials of questionnaire, Appendix 2 - The Writing's On The Wall video transcript, Appendix 3 - Discovery of elements in chronological order, Appendix 4 - Industry Year 1986: 'Thanks to Industry' video transcript and notes, Appendix 5 - Anecdotal evidence, Appendix 6 - Extracts from National Curriculum Orders: Economic and Industrial Understanding, Appendix 7 - Presentation of statistical results from 6th Form survey, Appendix 8 - Content analysis of transcripts, Appendix 9 - Transcriptions of the 62 recorded interviews, Appendix 10 - Tabular summary of key-word responses to question 2, Appendix 11 - Education/Industry Link initiatives, Appendix 12 - The Knowledge Driven Economy, Appendix 13 - Knowledge, educational philosophy and the health of manufacturing industry, Appendix 14 - The 'anti-technological culture' debate
File chemical/x-pdb Copyright statement
Copyright status: intellectual property has been used in the thesis. Permission has been sought for these items.
File C header Further research
Stan repeated part of his original research from 2001 to 2003 to check for emerging trends. This report was titled 'Our hidden curriculum: a comparison of two surveys in Technology and other subjects'.
File Step-changes in the vectors of direction - Owers Lecture Notes 1
Introduction given in 2004 of the theme for the inaugural lecture and future Owers Lectures
File Technology and the Hidden Curriculum - Owers Lecture Notes 2
The notes from the inaugural lecture given by Dr Stan Owers in 2004